What Your Eyes Will See

DSCN2577Three years had passed since I had visited the optometrist’s office. I checked in filling out the necessary paper work and was shortly led to a room where a young man did the preliminary tests on my eyes.

Three years ago there had been only one machine to test the pressure of the eye. When I walked in there were three machines! I sat down in front of the first newer machine and asked what it would do, and was told that they needed to see the inside of my eye. Pictures were taken and then I sat in front of the machine that I had sat at before. A puff of air was blown into my eye. The next machine was the newest, and I commented on its newness. This one had a very bright light!

After the pictures had been taken, I was led to the examination room. He took my glasses and said the doctor would be in in just a few minutes and he would bring back my glasses after looking at my previous prescription, and left pictures on the computer screen of my eyes. Not that I could then see them! I sat waiting and wondering what they had seen. I prayed that the Lord would stand by me, and wondered some more! Soon the doctor entered and began my exam. His equipment allowed me to see very large letters and very, very small letters!  He showed me the pictures of the inside of my eyes and told me they looked good. A yellow spot indicated my optic nerve, and I saw the nerve that allowed me to see all these years. I was impressed. God had seen the inside of my eyes since He formed them. Now, through modern technology, I was seeing them! Then he told me what I was not prepared to hear. “Sharon, your eyes are better than they were three years ago. There is no need for you to get a new prescription!”

I smiled a big smile and said, “That is the best news I’ve heard this year!” We shared a laugh and then inquired about each other’s children. He has been my eye doctor for years. He knows I love to teach and I love to teach children. His son had just turned seven and is in second grade. He loves to read.

Then the Holy Spirit put these words in my thoughts and I spoke them to my Doctor. “Could you answer this question? What will every eye see someday?” He thought about it and admitted he didn’t know the answer. As we sat there, I pointed up and smiled as I said, “God. We will all see God someday.”

So, did my doctor learn something that day? Did I learn anything about the eye that I didn’t know before he showed me what his equipment could do? The answer is, “yes”. I’m sure the Lord will do something with his word, for it never returns unto Him empty. I had quoted Revelation 1:7 to my doctor that God wanted him to hear that day. He will do whatever He wants with it. Why did I say it? I don’t know, but God does.

Then, as the two of us walked out of the office, he reminded me to pick up my purse. We walked to the desk so I could pay the bill. There stood my husband, Dave, so I shared the good news with him. And as we stood at the desk discussing Dave’s eyesight, I said, “Doctor, you found out about Dave’s diabetes during an eye exam. Years later you told him that he had cataracts, which he got taken care of.

Thank you.” We then shook his hand and we all smiled.

Had God blessed our day? “YES”! Going to the eye doctor, God had put a verse into my mind that I had memorized when I was a child. People have been praying for us and our ministry for many years! Forty-two to be exact! We are blessed! I shared my thoughts with Dave with tears in my eyes, thankful for all those prayers, as we shared a cup of hot tea that afternoon at the mall. Yes, we have seen a lot together! And someday we will see God!

Looking forward to seeing Him, Sharon